For many years, Canadian police were responsible for enforcing assimilationist policies against Indigenous Peoples, including prohibiting them from practicing their culture. While this is no longer the case, research and testimonies reveal that racism and apathy are prevalent in investigations of crimes relating to Indigenous women and girls.

Many public investigations have detailed the mistreatment of Indigenous women and girls by police. Yet, we still hear police abuse and assault stories and accounts that police ignore families who report missing loved ones. Victim-blaming and indifference towards Indigenous women and girls are all too familiar and, combined with stories of police abuse, have created a cycle of mistrust and violence.

Police need to work on building trust with Indigenous communities. Given that policing is rooted in colonization, it won’t be easy. It starts with understanding Indigenous Peoples’ position in society and working closely with Indigenous communities to deliver the needed support.

To break the cycle, we need to monitor police activity and call on Indigenous-led organizations to provide policy recommendations that police forces are legally obligated to fulfill.

The truth can be hard to see.

To break the cycle, police need to understand the lived realities of Indigenous women and girls. We all do.

Stand with us. Share the knowledge.

Positive relationships and allyship between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Peoples can exist. The first step to building these relationships is for Canadians to learn about the colonial past and how it influences our society, and help get the message out. Once you have read the reports, we encourage you to share this information with your networks by connecting them to this page.

The truth can be hard to see.
Policing still impacts Indigenous women and girls.

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